Progresso Latino Northside Latin Progress

Mejorar la vida de trabajadores 
Improving the life of tradesman - you can help

Resurrection Parish is proud to host Northside Latin Progress, a 5013C charitable organization founded by Gretchen Moore.  Gretchen's ministry started when she came across 114 men standing in the freezing cold at a gas station in Avondale,each hoping to be hired as a day laborer.  These were skilled men - brick workers - carpenters - tile masons, etc. - that had come here to provide for their families and live the American Dream.  But when the economy soured and construction dried up, they found themselves gathering at dawn in parking lots across the city, waiting for contractors to offer work.  These days, if lucky, a man might get two days work per week; men with tools fare the best.

By inviting several of these men for coffee, she found out that they had little knowledge of existing programs like where GED classes were held or that food pantries existed in many parishes.  Taking her philanthropic grandfather's admonition to heart, namely to always help the new immigrant whoever that person might be, she decided to do something to improve the economic and spiritual life of these men.
She found a willing supporter in our pastor, Fr. Paul.

Today she drives around collecting food, clothing, tools and then getting them into the right hands.  She's always on the lookout for new places that might be willing to give these items or make a cash donation.

Gretchen has accomplished so much for these men, and she doesn't speak any Spanish.  Maria our Administrative Assistant at the parish, and Fr. Paul help with translating and with writing letters on behalf of those served.  For example, a few times every month, one of the laborers suffers wage theft and every effort is made to make the contractors pay what the owe.  Gretchen helps educate the men on their rights and how to safeguard themselves as day laborers.  One of her main objectives is for each man to get the right tools and education to work for himself, in his own small business.

Here is a list of the most needed items:

Men's clothing
Jeans size 30-38, with 32, 24 most needed
Shoes size 61/2 to 11, with 8, 9 most needed
Warm coats and sweaters

Drills, Tile-Cutters, Screw Guns,
Snow Shovels

Household Items
Kitchen Utensils/Pots and Pans

Gift Certificates for grocery stores or local fast food restaurants help supplement what is available from the food pantries.  

Everything can be dropped off at Resurrection.  If you have a lot (10 items or more) Gretchen will come and pick them up.  You will see her darting about the neighborhood in her little white PT Cruiser with the parish name on the side.  Give her a wave and smile - she's doing the Lord's work.